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Modern project management finally made fun to do.

Win profitable project offers due to CRM and an amazing visual opportunity-pipeline.
Plan and execute projects easily with your team.
Track times, invoice clients, analyze reports - all available with a few clicks.

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Start dreaming again...

Too often we feel urged and stressed: by projects, tasks and deadlines.

But aren’t our dreams and passions the fuel that drives us?

Deals & Projects combines your daily tasks and projects with your dreams and goals. It helps
you to keep focus on your priorities.

And with every goal accomplished you will get closer to your dreams.

Testimonial Stefan Mandl about Deals & Projects Agentursoftware Online Cloud CRM Deals Projects.png
“Deals & Projects is the backbone of our business. It’s truly a great tool for revenue generation. Thanks to its cloud-based functionality it is also very powerful for distributed teams. The software allows us to master one of the most crucial cornerstones of success which is communication to customers and within teams.”

Stefan Mandl
Founder & CEO, NeuroPerformanceGroup


Get a quick overview on your organization and goals.

Check your organization’s success at first glance and see who is working on what tasks immediately.


Try out Deals & Projects free for 30 days!

No installation. No complicated configuration. Super simple start.

So easy, your team will actually use it

Overview of feature that will boost your team performance.

Sales pipeline. Real CRM.

Sales that you will enjoy: Follow all your outstanding project offers with our sales pipline. This way you will always have a complete overview on your sales potential.

Make notes on calls and store emails in our power history. Your team will then see all communication that was made and no longer requires time-consuming briefings. And notifications further help so no task is getting lost!

Real CRM instead of simple contact management. To increase your profitable projects.

Deals & Projects Agentursoftware - Vertriebspipeline für den schnellen Überblick über die Verkaufschancen.png

Individual templates for offers

Build your personal project offer within seconds thanks to pre-defined task elements.

But does your offer also look good?

Using Deals & Projects there are no limits to beautiful and individual design! Download your template in Word and adjust all elements just like you wish them to be. Even fonts can be easily customized.

Write professional and consistent offers faster than ever before.

Deals & Projects Agentursoftware - Verkaufschance mit Angebot, Historie, E-Mails und Beteiligten.png

What does your sales pipeline look like?

Forget about endless Excel lists! With Deals & Projects you will know anytime how many quotes your sales pipeline currently has and when you can expected these to progress.

Easy-to-read reports tell you the estimated revenue for the upcoming months. Simply need fill in the volume and the expected date. It’s that easy!

That’s how you get a great daily overview. With just a few clicks.

Deals & Projects will make your life so much easier.

Deals & Projects Agentursoftware - Auftragsvorschau mit Liquiditätsplanung.png

Manage Execute projects.

Turn quotes into projects with only one click. Listings from your quote will automatically be generated as project tasks.

You can also create new tasks and assign them to team members. They will be notified by our system.

Plan your projects with deadlines and see progress at a glance. Also assign external project members and store documents within the project listing.

This way you can take countermeasures quickly if any project-related issues occur.

Deals & Projects Agentursoftware - Angebote werden automatisch zu Projekten mit Aufgaben.png

Who is working on what tasks?

Great communication and close coordination with your team and clients will make your projects a huge success.

Deals & Projects allows amazing cooperation features that offer much more than typical project management software:

Besides deadlines and an assigned responsible member, each task has its own history list. This way questions can be answered easily.

And the integrated team calender immediately shows you who is doing what. So you can make appointments easier than ever before.

Deals & Projects Agentursoftware - Projekt mit Aufgaben, Zeiterfassung, Historie, E-Mails und Dokumenten.png

No more searching required.

Find all relevant information quickly with our contact history. That’s how you stay up to date, even if responsible team members are not available.

Note information in the history, create reminders, notify others in your team and track times.

And you can do all of these tasks in one easy step! How long do you need today to do these things?

Deals & Projects Agentursoftware - Historie für Telefonnotizen, Besuchsberichte und E-Mails.png

Time tracking made easy

Although valuable, time tracking can be annoying at times. Until now!

Deals & Projects makes time tracking really fast, simple and integrated. That’s why your team will actually want to use it.

Just start the timer or note times directly related to tasks, projects or clients. Just enter the times and task - that is it!

Now you will finally know what projects are worth your effort, which tasks take more time than estimated and what team members work most efficiently.

Deals & Projects Agentursoftware Cloud CRM Online Zeiterfassung Stoppuhr.png

Create individual invoices.

Billing clients will be fun using Deals & Projects.

Create advanced or interim invoices within seconds. The final invoice can be created according to your project offer or through billed working hours.

But what about all the little details of ongoing customer support? Well, simply track times and create an invoice with only one click!

Deals & Projects Agentursoftware Cloud CRM Rechnung online Rechnungsvorlage .png

Your organization at a glance.

As an entrepreneur or manager, you will always want to know:

  • Do we have sufficient sales opportunities in our pipeline?
  • Are all projects looking good?
  • Is the revenue as expected? Are there any issues?

Deals & Projects will provide you with clear and easy reports. That’s how you get a quick overview on what is happening in your organization.

Evaluate revenues and dive deper to analyze what offers perform the best.

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Deals & Projects Agentursoftware - Das Team für Beratung und Support

Our customer support is
here to help you!

Deals & Projects is a cloud-based solution. Consultations and support, however, is offered by real people. We are here to push your business forward!

Feel free to write an email.
We will be happy to help!

Achieve your greatest goals and dreams.

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